Smokebomb Does: Tequilla Day at Fonda Lola [Video]

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Happy Tequila Day everyone!

Yes, you read that correctly. July 24th is Tequila Day, and while this special day is mainly celebrated in the US, word has spread to the great white north. It’s also no secret that the Smokebombers are partial to all types of adult beverages. As a result, the team wholeheartedly jumped on the Tequila Day bandwagon and caught up with Andres Marquez, one of the owners of Fonda Lola, a Mexican Eatery in Toronto’s Queen West district.

When thinking about tequila, it’s easy to fall back on the old bar staples like the margarita and the trusty shot with a lick of salt and a lemon wedge – but we knew there had to be more to this spirit than the old standards. Andres was very quick to show us just how versatile tequila can be by creating two cocktails that were not only delicious, but also Smokebomb-themed, which was an added bonus.

The first was a Smoked Tequila and Coke – try this an you’ll never order a Rum and Coke again, that’s a promise. The sweet and smoky cola mixed with the tequila aged in-house made for some serious easy drinking, and the addition of the finger lime caviar gave that pop of flavour we were looking for.  The second cocktail was a new spin on the Tequila Sunrise, mixing fresh orange and carrot juice with tequila, and topping it off with a mixture of beet and grapefruit juice (instead of the regular grenadine). Now we won’t sit here and try to tell you that this drink is “healthy” with the addition of some real fruit juices, but it does completely transform the flavour of the drink creating a light and extremely refreshing cocktail. And hey, we’ll take the added vitamins any day!

And a pro tip that Andres was kind enough to share with us was if you want to avoid a hangover, stick to the 100% Blue Agave tequila.

We had a great time hanging out at Fonda Lola with the ever-gracious Andres – if you’re ever in the Queen West hood, you’ve got to check it out. Tell him the Smokebombers sent you!

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